I believe all God's children are born with certain talent(s). After years of observation, it appears to me that what we are attracted to is where our talents may be hidden. Our job is to pull it out by pursuing knowledge and expertise in these areas.

I believe we, as human beings, wish to be happy in this life, we need to find these talents and possess them with singleness of mind and heart.

Most of us will agree (at least in theory) that the pursuit of money as a means to happiness is a temporary fix. I personally believe, the rich pursuit of our unique God given talents will give us the ability to get up in the morning with an excited heart-eager to explore, learn and experience more about what we find is hidden within us.  It is akin to each individuals own personal treasure hunt. We hunt to find and develop the treasure that God has given to each one of us. I also believe we are each born with one or more talents. It is to our advantage to discover these gifts and pursue them, as this is a key to finding individual purpose, destiny and satisfaction in this life.

After doing this for over 24 years, I find this is the most exciting, rewarding and endlessly facinating life! (I highly recommend it!)